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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Quick thoughts on newest Pinball FX 2 tables: Marvel Vengeance and Virtue

So after playing the newest set of Pinball FX 2 tables, Marvel: Vengeance and Virtue, here is how I rank them.

1. Thor: I love this table the most. The fire and ice theme that splits the table is beautiful. There's a lot going on visually like a giant serpent along the left side, and Thor will hop around the table fighting enemies during various missions. There are lots of ramps that aren't hard to shoot at.

2. Moon Knight: I'm not too familiar with this Marvel character, but the table is also visually stunning with a slick silver color dominating the table. Like Thor, there are other baddies that will come out during missions you'll have to conquer, adding to the visuals. Shooting the ball into the moon is also satisfying, as it starts a fun minigame.

3. Ghost Rider: Of the four, this is the most radical. It's a small table and everything is packed together. The devil will taunt you a lot, and executing shots is more difficult here and requires precise timing. Oh yeah, you can shoot the pinball out of a shotgun at targets. That's fun stuff.

4. X-Men: Compared to other Marvel tables, it's the most plain-looking of them. You got Magneto in the middle and Professor X in the bottom left, but visually it's just bright colors and a lot of ramps. Magneto will occasionally stop your ball with his powers and whip it away. Ramp shots activate pretty much everything, and you'll see your favorite characters in the dot matrix display.

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