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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Calvin Johnson represents Detroit Lions in Madden 13 cover contest

The play-in round is finally over and the Madden 13 cover tournament has begun. Calvin Johnson will represent the Detroit Lions, beating out Matthew Stafford.

Megatron, a 6 seed, is up against the 11-seeded Dwayne Bowe of the Kansas City Chiefs. Johnson should be able to win this matchup with ease. If he wins, he'll go up against the winner between Arian Foster of the Houston Texans and Tim Tebow, formerly of the Denver Broncos and now a New York Jet. Funny thing, Tebow was one of the favorites to win the whole thing before Peyton Manning arrived. But since this a fan-voted contest, anything's possible.

Once again, the Madden Curse comes into play. Will Lion fans vote for Johnson, especially after that nice contract he just signed? You can vote for him, or not, by clicking here.

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