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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Zen Studios announces CastleStorm, set for release in 2012

Zen Studios has announced a new game, and it's not another pinball table.

The popular Pinball FX 2 developer has released details of CastleStorm, set for release in 2012 on Xbox Live Arcade and other digital platforms. Kind of like how Epic Quest was a medieval-themed pinball table with strategy mixed in, CastleStorm is a mix of tower defense, real time strategy and 2D destruction set in a colorful medieval world.

The game features archery projectile warfare and 2D physics-based structure destruction - hey, that sounds a lot like Angry Birds. But if you watch the game trailer above, you can see it's a lot more than that. While you can launch explosive weapons like Morningstars, Apple Grenades, Homing Eagles and flying sheep to destroy your enemy's castle, you can deploy a ground attack of knights, swordsmen and donkey riders to protect your castle from foes trying to capture your flag.

There's also a tower construction editor allowing players to build their own castles that are used in battle. Those who are attending the upcoming E3 conference in Los Angeles will be able to demo CastleStorm.

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