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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quick thoughts on Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles

The Avengers table

Zen Studios released the latest Marvel Pinball pack this week for the Pinball FX 2 platform, this time focusing on The Avengers. Here are my thoughts on the game so far.

Fear Itself table

Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles brings pinball fans four new tables. Just when you think Zen Studios might be running out of ideas, they continue to find new ways to amaze. The Avengers, World War Hulk, The Infinity Gauntlet, and Fear Itself offer up more colorful and flashy pinball representations of the Marvel world.

The Infinity Gauntlet table

Those playing on Xbox Live Arcade will be shocked to see there's only one achievement per table, unlike the usual three from past tables. It took me little time to unlock the World War Hulk and Infinity Gauntlet achievements. Those playing on the PS3 will be able to unlock three trophies per table, so I wonder what made Microsoft's version so different.

World War Hulk table

The Avengers table is based on events from the recent box office smash movie that continues to rake in the dough. It was really cool to see a customized ball for each Avenger that had different abilities on the table. However, I did notice a tiny bit of ball movement slowdown during some spots while playing. Maybe there was a little too much going on for the table to handle?

The Infinity Gauntlet table had some crazy effects like slow-mo gameplay and turning the table upside down. World War Hulk had a fun mini-playfield, and Fear Itself's use of magnetic energy puts a twist on things.

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