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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Angry Birds Trilogy retails for $30 on Nintendo 3DS, $40 on PS3 and Xbox 360. But why buy it when it's cheap or free elsewhere?

Angry Birds Trilogy has released in physical form for the Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360 and PS3. It features the first three games of the popular franchise: Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. There are 19 episodes featuring new levels and HD cut scenes. Overall, the game is jam-packed with plenty of hours of pig-smashing gameplay.

There's only one problem: the price. The handheld version retails for $29.99 while the console versions go for $39.99. Normally this would be an OK price tag for a game of this nature, but Angry Birds is known for being a very cheap and easy-to-pick-up game. There are plenty of versions of this franchise that cost a few dollars to even free (if you don't mind the ads) for smartphones and tablets. So why pay $30-$40 for a packaged title when you can buy the games separately and still come out way ahead? The incentive of extra levels isn't that big of a deal since Rovio is known for releasing free updates all the time.

I don't expect Angry Birds Trilogy to fly off the shelves, at least not the console versions. The 3DS version might sell a few copies since it's cheaper and portable, but in the end who's really going to buy this? The cheap factor is the biggest reason this franchise became a massive success, and Rovio can get away with it since merchandise sales bring in millions of dollars. Charging so much more for a game already played by millions and costing so much less makes no sense at all.

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