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Monday, April 22, 2013

Quick thoughts on Dead Island: Riptide

I've been furiously beating down endless amounts of zombies in Dead Island: Riptide. Here are some thoughts on the game.

Dead Island: Riptide feels more like an expansion of the original game than a full-blown sequel. It takes place right after events from Dead Island, and to simply put it, it looks and plays just like it. You still amass a collection of melee weapons and guns that can be upgraded and modded to your liking. However, I didn't really notice any pros or cons from one melee weapon to another when I was just mindlessly swinging away at zombies.

While the main missions keep things interesting, there are plenty of side missions to complete to rack up experience points. However, they are a drag to finish, since you're killing the same types of enemies every single time.

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