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Friday, October 21, 2011

Tidbits of Nintendo's 3DS Internet Presentation

Nintendo's pre-recorded presentation about the 3DS was held Friday, Oct. 21, and covered a wide range of topics involving the new handheld. Here are a few of the items talked about:

New game announcements include Pushmo, a 3D puzzle game; Lost Heroes, a role playing game; Thruspace will be coming to the eShop; and 3D Classics of Kid Icarus and Kirby's Adventure.

3D video recording for up to 10 minutes was announced, along with other video announcements of Hulu Plus, Red Bull and Eurosport sports videos, and what may be the most interesting of all, Michael Jackson's Thriller video starring the cast of "Shrek." That.....should be interesting.

Firmware updates include new StreetPass Plaza dungeon and puzzles, with the quest game now allowing two Miis/heroes to fight along side each other. There will also be the ability to transfer 3DS software to other 3DS units. Other eShop improvements will be coming, too.

The much anticipated Mario Kart 7 hits stores in December, and the game will install a Mario Kart Channel/App where you can download player data and jump right into the game. There will be 8-player online and community features have been added.

For a pre-recorded presentation, I would say it wasn't too bad. The 3DS has been knocked around for its lack of games, but this holiday should change all that. Nintendo is still the king of handhelds and don't expect them to go down for a long, long time.


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