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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Call of Duty game leads to literal call of duty for teenage gamer in the form of a prank

So you're playing a video game and all of a sudden a swat team shows up at your house asking you please step outside. What do you do? Besides freak out.

This is what happened to a teen who was playing Call of Duty: Black Ops on the Xbox 360 with a group of friends online, according to a CBS report. Apparently an unknown person popped into the chatroom and told the boy he was going to hack him and send a swat team over to his house.

Yeah, right, he thought, and continued to playing. Except police actually did show up. Lewisville, Texas, authorities received a phone call that someone was shot inside the boy's house and the culprit was still shooting. Police arrived and surrounded the home, scaring the boy and his family. They brought out a bullhorn and called the boy's name. Eventually, police figured out it was a prank and are investigating the incident.

Reports of video game hacks are nothing new. There was the whole PSN fiasco that put a black eye on Sony, and hacks involving EA and Microsoft have angered gamers. I am curious how the hacker got the boy's address. Was his personal info in his gamer profile? It's incidents like these why I don't put any personal information on my gaming accounts.


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