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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Caine's Arcade: 9-year-old boy gets the surprise of his life after building elaborate cardboard arcade

During summer vacation, 9-year-old Caine Monroy built an elaborate cardboard arcade in his dad's auto parts store in East Los Angeles. He thought of everything, like creating his own claw machine to get prizes. He would crawl into his contraptions and push out tickets that could be redeemed for prizes.

Unfortunately, not many people were interested in it, but it didn't discourage him. Fortunately, filmmaker Nirvan Mullick showed up looking for a door handle for his car. Caine asked him if he wanted to play, and he was happy to. It cost $1 for a few turns, and $2 would get him a Fun Pass for 500 turns. Of course, he got the Fun Pass. Who wouldn't?

Mullick decided to help Caine out by surprising him with a flash mob to bring in lots and lots of customers. A short film details how the 9-year-old created his arcade and how the big day came to be. A scholarship fund has been set up to raise money for Caine to go to college. Amazingly, tens of thousands of dollars have been raised so far.

You can read more about Caine's Arcade at We sure could use more Caines in the world.

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