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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bug your Facebook friends even more with SimCity Social

If you see a bunch of SimCity Social stuff cluttering up your Facebook page, it's because Electronic Arts officially launched the game today, which is based on the popular city simulation franchise that's decades old.

The idea is to build the greatest virtual city ever with the help of friends. If your friends don't care, well, you're out of luck. Expect a heavy dose of Dunkin' Donuts advertising as players can gift Coffee Boosts and Donut Boosts to their friends.

Those wanting to avoid the social experience but still want to play SimCity can either play the older games or wait until February 2013 when SimCity releases for the PC, promising to be bigger and better than ever.

I may mess with SimCity Social a little, since it's SimCity after all, but I'll probably move on real quickly. Don't worry, Facebook friends, I won't beg you for coffee and donuts.

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