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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Developer of Game for Cats for the iPad accused of making it easy for felines to buy DLC

Game for Cats is a silly app for the iPad that allows our feline friends to play games like chasing around a laser or a butterfly. But according to reports, Hiccup, the developer of this app, got into a little trouble when complaints surfaced that the cats were actually buying extra content for it, costing their owners some money.

Fearing an uprising, Hiccup decided to make it a little harder for cats to purchase extra content. A person's fingertips will have to be held in the same spot for a few seconds to activate the DLC. Unless there are some very smart cats out there, this should cure the problem.

The thought of a cat buying DLC is funny to me, kind of like a toddler inadvertently purchasing extra content. But if I owned a feline and an iPad I wouldn't let it anywhere near my expensive toy, fearing a heavily scratched-up screen.

If you think people allowing their cats to play on the iPad is crazy enough, watch this video below of tigers and lions playing the game. I was secretly wishing they would have ripped the things apart.

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