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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Quick thoughts on Resident Evil 6

I've been blasting my way through hordes of mutated zombies in Resident Evil 6 lately. Here are some thoughts on the game so far.

Featuring three main campaigns plus a bonus one, Resident Evil 6 is much more action-oriented than survival horror, even though Leon Kennedy's story is the most reminiscent of the older games. Chris Redfield and Jake Muller's stories are jam-packed with craziness, which may turn off the hardcore fans of the franchise.

Presentation-wise, this game is great looking. Despite a few hiccups in the frame rate and the occasional zombie skipping around, the graphics are impressive. The environments are filled with neat details and the cutscenes are fun to watch. Voice acting is superb, too.

Unfortunately, what's holding Resident Evil 6 back from being the blockbuster Capcom intended it to be are the wonky control decisions. Despite the elimination of tank controls, which is a big plus in my mind, other movements like dodging and rolling require pressing the aim button plus another, when it should be more simple. There's also way too many button prompts like wiggling the control stick back and forth like a mad man to get a zombie off you, which gets annoying after a while.

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