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Monday, November 26, 2012

Quick thoughts on New Super Mario Bros. U

I picked up a Wii U Deluxe on launch day and am loving every minute of it. Here are some thoughts on New Super Mario Bros. U.

It's almost 2013 and we're finally seeing Mario in HD, and Nintendo made the wait worth it. NSMBU is very polished and an amazing looking game. I love the backgrounds in these type of games, and seeing them in HD is a real treat.

Even though mini-bosses are still easy to defeat, I felt challenged early and often to complete levels with all the Star Coins. In NSMB2 for the 3DS, the difficulty ramped up more near the end of the game and bonus content after beating it. Fortunately, that does not happen in NSMBU. Other modes besides story offer speed and collection challenges that are not a walk in the park either.

The overall level design is one of Nintendo's best, and they don't feel repetitive at all. I wanted to check every pipe and search every nook and cranny for secrets, which there are plenty to find. The throwbacks to Super Mario Bros. 3, one of the best Mario games in existence, only add to the fun.

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