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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Miguel Cabrera part of MLB 13 The Show cover athlete contest

Detroit Tigers superstar Miguel Cabrera has a chance to do what Calvin Johnson did after coming off an amazing season: Get on a video game cover.

The Triple Crown winner is part of a group of MLB stars chosen to compete in the MLB 13 The Show cover athlete contest that begins Jan. 7. His competition includes Matt Kemp from the Los Angeles Dodgers, Ryan Braun from the Milwaukee Brewers, Andrew McCutchen from the Pittsburgh Pirates, Bryce Harper from the Washington Nationals, CC Sabathia from the New York Yankees and Buster Posey from the San Francisco Giants. Like with Madden and NHL games from EA Sports, voting for cover athletes has become the norm.

I wasn't surprised Megatron made the Madden 13 cover, and I won't be surprised if Cabrera wins this cover contest. Winning the Triple Crown should automatically put him in the winner's spot, but we'll see how the voting pans out. Thankfully there's no Mike Trout around. We didn't need another WAR statistics controversy surrounding this competition.
Update: Totally forgot Justin Verlander also made the cover of MLB 2K12. Pavel Datsyuk for the Red Wings had a shot for NHL 13 but was eliminated.

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