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Monday, December 10, 2012

Collector selling all 721 Super Nintendo games released in North America for $25,000. Is it worth it?

An individual on eBay is selling the complete North American Super Nintendo collection - all 721 games - for $24,999 or best offer. According to the description, all of these games were sold at retail in the United States, Mexico and Canada; and this lot includes all the boxes and 84 percent of the manuals. The full inventory of games is listed on the eBay link.

It's a very impressive collection that likely took many years and dollars to complete, especially since they come in all those ugly boxes many of us just threw away. Despite that, it's still not worth $25,000. There's too few rare games in there for that high of value, plus all the manuals aren't in the lot, something the real hardcore collectors will scoff at. Many offers have been declined already; I would assume many joke ones. This will be a tough sell, unless some really obsessive fan breaks out the checkbook.


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