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Monday, June 10, 2013

Xbox One to launch in November at $499

Microsoft's E3 press conference finished a little bit ago and while games were a big focus, they finally let loose details on when it will launch and the price: In November (not shocking) at $499 (shocking).

It's definitely pricey. I was expecting between $400 and $500 since it comes with the new Kinect and new tech, but it's a risky bet for Microsoft. The Xbox One has received a lot of negative press lately for its policies on mandatory connection to the Internet and anti-used games sentiment. I could have seen them low-balling the price on the Xbox One to ease those pains...but nope.

If Sony plays their cards right with a lower price, they could take back the video game console crown they owned during the PS2 era.

As for games during the Microsoft conference, there were no short of them. Exclusive is Ryse: Son of Rome, which featured a Roman commander leading his troops in battle. It looked nice but had too many quick time events for my liking. Dead Rising 3 was also shown, which looks like a gritter version than past games. Forza 5 has all those shiny cars we wish we owned in real life.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain began the conference showing off the open world and stealthy gameplay from Konami. While World of Tanks is coming to the Xbox 360, Minecraft will be released on Xbox One. Next-gen blocks, hooray! We got a look at Battlefield 4, which looks eerily like Call of Duty, and Titanfall was showed off, a shooter featuring mechs and jet packs. Rare unveiled Killer Instinct with awkward banter between a couple of Microsoft producers; Quantum Break was shown, even though I have no idea what the game's about; and the magical Project Spark utilizes the Kinect and focuses on user-generated content.

Other games included Sunset Overdrive, The Witcher 3, Crimson Dragon (with an audio-less trailer, bad time for that glitch), and D4 from Swery 65. Footage for a game called Below was short but sweet.


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