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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Become a firefighter, pay to cheat in new Dead Rising DLC packs

Today, Capcom released two DLC packs for Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, which features original Dead Rising hero Frank West.

The Fire Fighter skills pack will give players immunity to fire damage; increased speed when carrying or assisting survivors; the ability to kick doors open; and a new attack and more durability with the fire axe. For those who really love firefighters, the pack only costs 160 Microsoft points, equaling to $1.99.

And since DLC can be a little mind boggling at times, this next pack will certainly anger many veteran gamers. The Gamebreaker pack allows players to change the way they play the game. Features include Instant PP for quick leveling up, God mode, super speed, dumb zombies, big head mode, and more. Yes, you are paying to cheat. Remember when cheat modes were free? Or had to unlock them doing certain tasks like in N64's Goldeneye? These different modes are fun to mess around with, but I would never find myself paying for something to make the game easier.

For those interested, the Gamebreaker pack is available for 400 MPs, equaling to $4.99.


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