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Friday, November 30, 2012

Quick thoughts on Marvel Pinball: Civil War

Zen Studios has released another Marvel Pinball table, this time focusing on Iron Man and Captain America at odds over the Superhuman Registration act in "Civil War." Here are some thoughts on the game.

There's a neat prologue before the actual game begins. Before you choose to side with either Iron Man, who is for registration, or Captain America, who is against it, a fun multiball mini-game sets up the narrative. The points accumulated during this bonus mode are saved, and players can always start out with that score. This mode can be skipped, too, if you don't feel like playing it.

Civil War is one of the more difficult tables Zen has released recently. The goal is to pick a side and recruit allies by completing various ramp and orbit shots and other objectives. There are very strict time limits to complete these, and sometimes allies will defect to the other side if you're not playing well. You need allies when entering fight mode, where Iron Man and Captain America duke it out on the table.The more allies, the more time you have to complete various shots.

As usual, Zen has made another good-looking table filled with blinking lights and cool effects. The voice acting is well done, and the music isn't bad either.

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