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Monday, June 9, 2014

Long Sony E3 2014 press conference packed with a little bit of everything

Sony covered a lot of bases in their E3 2014 press conference, from games to hardware and services.

* The Destiny beta will release July 17 on the PlayStation first. When the game actually releases on Sept. 9, there will be a white PS4 bundle with the game.
* The Order: 1886 featured a man being chased down by a zombie/werewolf creature and what looked like gameplay. Shots were fired at the creature by the player, but it looked like it didn't really matter in this segment of the game.
* DLC is coming to Infamous: Second Son in August. It's called First Light and no gameplay was shown.
* Entwined is an artsy rhythm game that is now out for the PS4. Could be fun.
* A nice surprise was Little Big Planet 3 featuring new characters like one who can shrink and grow in size while a bird can lift other players up. Multiplayer looks fun here, and the visuals are charming.
* There was more Far Cry 4 -- this time gameplay where we saw the crossbow in action. A vehicle got hijacked and we saw some familiar driving action before going over a cliff and flying with a wingsuit. Another player joined a mission to wreak havoc on everyone, and it was funny to see an elephant take down enemies. Apparently PS4 gamers will be able to invite others to join in on the fun online even if they don't own the game. There's got to be a catch to that since sales numbers are so important these days. Maybe they'll be able to play certain sections.
* Project Beast turned out to be Bloodborne from developer From Software, a gothic title.
* Dead Island 2 got a funny trailer of a runner turning into a zombie, and someone else taking his shoes.
* Magicka 2 is coming, as well as a remastered Grim Fandango for the PS4 and PS Vita.
* Indie titles like Hotline Miami 2 and Titan Souls are coming. They look fun. Abzu is a beautiful looking underwater game from the makers of Journey.
* Let It Die will be a PS4 exclusive Suda 51 game. It will release in 2015.
* The Last of Us Remastered releases July 29 for the PS4.
* No Man's Sky got some major play. The procedurally generated game lets players explore planets seamlessly and features some combat elements. This could be the next big game, or it could turn into another Spore. Hopefully the former happens.
* Mortal Kombat X looks pleasing. Some fight footage was shown with gruesome fatalities.
* The Metal Gear Solid V trailer people already saw yesterday was shown. Could have been huge, but we were already spoiled.
* Batman: Arkham Knight showed off a stunning overworld and driving around with the Batmobile, which can turn into tank mode that allows for strafing. The Scarecrow is a spooky villain.
* The big finale featured a short trailer for Uncharted 4, which looked amazing. A Thief's End will come out next year, and I would suspect the holidays. This could be another gem from Naughty Dog.

Free-to-play games are coming, too, and July 31 marks the start of the PlayStation Now beta for the PS4. Vita titles are in development, which I guess is good if you own the struggling handheld. PlayStation TV is finally coming to America for $99. The VR-related Project Morpheus also got a mention.


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