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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gary Garcia, half of songwriting duo Buckner & Garcia and co-writer of "Pac-Man Fever," dies at 63

Lots of quarters were pumped into arcade machines during the video game craze of the 1980s, and Pac-Man was a big part of it. Pac-Man was so popular that pop duo Buckner & Garcia wrote a song that turned out to be a classic. "Pac-Man Fever" reached the top 10 in the Billboard Top 100 in the United States.
Unfortunately it was reported recently that Gary Garcia passed away in his Florida home on Thursday, Nov. 17. On the homepage of, Jerry Buckner wrote a special tribute remembering his lifelong friend.
"The pain of losing his friendship is immeasurable to me. He was a kind hearted, loving, caring person who was always there for me and can never be replaced in my life. I loved him like a brother and will miss him beyond words," Buckner wrote.

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