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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Super Smash Bros., Amiibo, Zelda highlight Nintendo Digital Event

Once again, Nintendo opted to do a digital event like at last year's E3. It was much better this time around with some funny Robot Chicken sketches featuring Nintendo characters.

* Miis will be featured prominently in the new Super Smash Bros., with three different attack types: swordsman, brawler and gunner. A wide variety of moves were displayed. Gameplay for the 3DS version was also shown off. A new character, Palutena from the Kid Icarus series, looks very powerful.
* Amiibo is the official name of Nintendo's character figurines. Mario was featured, and other characters like Link and Kirby will be available as well. It's been a long time coming, but I don't think it's too late to join the Skylanders and Disney Infinity party. For Super Smash Bros on the Wii U, the characters can join battles. Other games like Mario Party 10 and the recently released Mario Kart 8 will support them as well. This could be another cash cow for Nintendo.
* Yoshi is getting the Kirby's Epic Yarn treatment in the very charming Yoshi's Woolly World, set for release in 2015. It looks to be a little more challenging and plays like the Yoshi's Island games, minus Baby Mario.
* Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a full-blown Wii U game based on the mini-game from Super Mario 3D World. There were some interesting level designs shown. It should be a fun one to play.
* Bayonetta 2 featured Zelda and Samus costumes. The game will also come with the original Bayonetta, which is awesome. Even more awesome, it will release in October.
* Two Zelda games were shown off. The already-known Hyrule Warriors will have large maps with lots of enemies to dispatch. Zelda, Link, Midna and other characters will be playable. It releases Sept. 26. A brief look at the beautiful open world of a new Zelda was also shown. It promises to be a change from the familiar formula other games in the franchise follow.
* Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, a sequel to Kirby: Canvas Curse, will release in 2015.
* Xenoblade Chronicles will also release in 2015. This sci-fi thriller features exciting mech action.
* Splatoon is a 4v4 online action game where you shoot ink everywhere to claim territory. The team with the most covered wins the match. Turning into squids lets player swim in their ink and move around the map quicker. It was refreshing to see something original.
* Mario Maker is officially real. Levels can be made the NES way or the modern NSMB. It looks like there's plenty of options to choose from, and it should be great for creative minds. It's expected to release in 2015.

Overall, it was a fun digital event, and it looks like Nintendo still has it despite recent struggles selling hardware. We'll be waiting a while for most of these games, but hopefully it'll be worth it.

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